Cardinal Adrastus Thorn

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Cardinal Thorn is the party’s patron. He is the high priest of Asmodeus, and seeks to restore that dark faith’s prominence in Talingarde.

To that end, he has designed The Knot of Thorns, a grand and complex scheme involving the creation of nine groups (the “Knots”), each named after one of the circles of Hell, and given a specific task in the overall plot. As the story begins, he has only the Nessian Knot left to recruit, and he found them Branderscar Prison, some of the worst (and last) villains in Talingarde.

Little is known of the Cardinal’s past, though he does bear the brand of a Forsaken on his forearm, indicating he may once have been an inmate of Branderscar Prison. Sakkarot Fire-Axe has also voiced some largely unfounded speculations regarding Thorn’s origins.

The only individual in the game thus far to have an assigned theme music.

Cardinal Adrastus Thorn

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