Abbess Temperance Avigail


Abbess and Mother-Superior of the Order of Saint Cynthia-Celeste, a sisterhood of warrior-nuns based in Farholde. Their founder is known for defeating a gelugon named Skathyl in single combat, though she herself suffered a mortal blow. The Saint’s uncorrupted body and Skathyl’s ice-rimed glaive are both to be found in the Abbey, though the former is under perpetual guard.

Abbess Temperance herself is an iron-haired, steel-spined matron with a welcoming but businesslike air. She dresses either in armor, or the same dark blue and white habit worn by her sisters. Though chaste, hers is an order dedicated to good works, rather than pure contemplation and prayer. It is said that the Abbess herself is the most gifted divine healer in Farholde.

Unfortunately for Temperance and the Abbey as a whole, they were no match for the Nessian Knot. Despite advanced warning from Mitra himself, the Abbey fell to the combined power of two Knots, along with a battalion of the living dead. She, like most of her sisters, became prisoners of the Nessian Knot.

Abbess Temperance Avigail

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