Belial's Bound

The followers of the Nessian Knot, largely recruited from Farholde.

Currently – as of the sixteenth week of the ritual – the organization has the following statistics:

Ruthless +9
Secrecy +0
Survivability +4
Connections +8
Espionage +7
Loyalty +5

Belial’s Bound can take four organization actions per week. The Guard action currently creates a CR 7 encounter.

Individually, it is made up largely of toughs from Drownington and youths recruited from the orphanage of Baron Arkov Vandermir. Minions are based partly in Farholde, and partly in the Horn of Abaddon.


In addition to the rank and file Bound, the party possesses a number of cohorts, lieutenants, and sub-lieutenants.

Cohorts level with the party, save at levels 9, 13, and 17, gradually falling behind the party (ending at 17th vs. 20th level).
Lieutenants level according to various objectives they complete, and are capped at party level -2 or Cohort level -1, whichever is lower (ending at 16th vs. 20th level).
Sub-Lieutenants level according to various missions they complete, and are capped at party cohort level -5 (ending at 12th vs. 20th level).

In any case, Lieutenants and Sub-Lieutenants do not have to be at their level cap, and should move forward only as appropriate.

Belial's Bound

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