Gaerlan Cimo

A lost boy trying to find his sister


Male human Blackguard 2/Oracle 6


“Gaerlan Cimo is one of the more dangerous men I have ever apprehended. Though I arrested him initially on charges of consorting with dark powers, blasphemy, and desecration of a holy site, I now believe him to have been responsible for at least four murders, including his own parents (at the age of twelve) and one of his fellow initiates during his religious training while a ward of the church. Every time I delve deeper into his past I find more horror and darkness. I dare not look any further. He is highly intelligent, extremely manipulative, and narcissistic to the extreme. He has no morals, nothing is forbidden or taboo. I shudder to think what he might have accomplished if given more time – we turned him into a formidable enough killer as it stands. I recommend the utmost caution when dealing with him. See him off to his end swiftly, that the people be saved from his wickedness and that we all might sleep better at night.” -Sir Balin of Karfeld

“They call us lesser forms of filth. Why not embrace true corruption? The damned cannot be damned.” -Gaerlan Cimo

Gaerlan Cimo

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