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Branderscar Prison and surroundings

  • Damodred Anheis, a deceased elven villain who likely caught a bloodborne disease from his baby-eating ways.
  • Irena, a servant from Branderscar turned willing slave
  • Gregor, a servant from Branderscar turned cooperative slave
  • Grumblejack, the party’s ogre ally rescued from the prison
  • Malcolm, a former nameless slave of Tiadora who recovered his identity with the party’s aid
  • Mathias Richter, the prison warden who preferred holing up in his tower with a bawdy penny dreadful to actually overseeing the prison for the most dangerous criminals of Talingarde.
  • Myrtle, a devout servant from Branderscar and unwilling prisoner
  • Sam, a cowardly and now headless kitchen worker on Branderscar’s day shift
  • Sir Balin, legendary witch-hunter
  • Timeon, Sir Balin’s yellow squire
  • Tomas Blackerly, the corrupt sergeant who managed the prison’s day-to-day affairs

Farholde, the Horn of Abaddon, and surroundings

The Defeated
Hallack’s Raiders

Traya’s Raiders

Fort Balentyne and Aldencross

  • Albrecht Schmidt, a minor wizard fed up with anti-arcane discrimination
  • Crystal and Kysa are two minions of Lucavi Delacroix recruited from Aldencross.
  • Father Donnagin, deceased (and sainted) clergyman
  • Franz Mott, a former captain of Balentyne, turned cuckold, murderer, and unwilling guest of “The Inquisition”
  • Jacques, former soldier of Balentyne and zealous torturer duped into the service of the Nessian Knot
  • Kaitlyn Mott, the beautiful but unfaithful wife of Franz
  • Mama Giuseppe is a maker of delicious stews.
  • Melrov Altsney, a former soldier of Balentyne turned minion of the Nessian Knot
  • Paula, alchemist from Aldencross and friend of Sebastian.
  • Ryan Varning, captain of the fort’s rangers, who was ambushed and slain returning to Balentyne
  • Samual Barhold, senior captain of Balentyne killed in the secret tunnels below the fort
  • Tacitus, deceased former magister of Balentyne.
  • Thomas Havelyn, deceased former Lord of Balentyne and inflexible Paladin of Mitra.
  • Zach Eddarly, a former captain of Balentyne murdered by Franz Mott

The Knot of Thorns



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