Nessian Knot

A group of villains and hardened killers, recruited by Cardinal Adrastus Thorn for their wickedness and power to be his greatest and final group of servants, the Nessian Knot is perhaps the single greatest threat that Talingarde has ever faced.

They are, of course, the PCs.

The primary members of the Nessian Knot are:
Lucavi Delacroix
Gaerlan Cimo
Sebastian Teeg

The Knot’s own minions include Grumblejack, Irena, Gregor, Myrtle (reluctantly) and Killiketz.

Damodred Anheis was going to be invited to join the Knot, but died of filth fever before Thorn could extend the offer to him.


Nessian Knot

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