This page is a list of servants, allies, dupes, prisoners we care about, undead servitors, and other types of minions acquired by the party, organized by master.

The Knot also leads an organization of less individualized wicked minions, tentatively named Belial’s Bound.

Party Minions

The Bane-Wogs are a boggard tribe.
Calliaste is a beautiful, angelic shapeshifter.
Grumblejack, the party’s ogre ally rescued from Branderscar Prison.
Franz Mott, a former captain of Balentyne, turned cuckold, murderer, and unwilling guest of “The Inquisition.”
Hexor and Vexor are two daemons controlled by the party.
Kaitlyn Mott, the beautiful but unfaithful wife of Franz.
Malcolm, a former nameless slave of Tiadora who recovered his identity with the party’s aid.
Mama Giuseppe, maker of delicious stews.
Melrov Altsney, a soldier of Balentyne willing to sacrifice his soul for his daughter’s safety.
Posca the Merchant is a priest of Abadar, working off an indenture to the Knot in exchange for eventual freedom.
Traya DeMarco is a sorceress who surrendered to the Knot on terms.
Valiessa DeMarco is a mage who surrendered to the Knot on terms.
Zikomo is a boggard shaman.

The Prisoners of the Horn.


Crystal and Kysa, Lucy’s girlfriends from Aldencross.
Irena, a servant from Branderscar turned willing slave.
Gregor, a servant from Branderscar turned cooperative slave.


Finnegan An orphan urchin in Farholde
Grace, a young peasant girl.
Hanna, a servant of Balentyne who turned down the chance to change allegiances in life, and now serves in death.
Herr Albrecht Schmidt, a minor mage who longs to conduct his research unchecked by fear of the Inquisition.
Myrtle, a devout servant from Branderscar and unwilling prisoner.


An urchin spy in Farholde.
Paula, Teeg’s partner in alchemy, research, and (perhaps), romance, who is yet unaware of his villainous nature.


An urchin spy in Farholde
Twenty-one former defenders of Balentyne.
One mighty Skeletal Girallon.

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