A scarred witch serving her dread master of pain and pleasure


Female Human Witch 4


The Sun rises, and it is a great moment for Church and Country. The last – Mitra allow that it is true – the last foul cult of the Lord of the Fourth in Daveryn lies revealed by the tireless effort of the Inquisition. As its leaders are dragged off to the flames, the heathen idols are thrown down, and in long-hidden tunnels beneath the city, once-darkened pits profaned by the Devil knows what unholy rituals are laid open to Mitra’s light.

And – praise His mercy – the sun shines on rescued slaves, poor abused souls finally free again after gods know how long held, away from the eyes of society, in wretched bondage. A pitiable lot. But the Church, as ever, stands ready to show its munificence, the monks and sisters eager to provide shelter and succor to those most in need…

The Sun sets.

The Sun rises, and the one remaining freedwoman is again in chains, starting her journey to Branderscar.

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